As a super hero, you fight bravely to the crowded monsters. They gonna

to destroy remained residents of world so you have no choice,

you are the only one that can stop these invasions in Monster Rush game

Now or never, our residents is in dangerous case.

Not only prepare skills before new wave, you also upgrade

indexes to face other new dangerous enemies. There

are more than 12 types of monsters that we face. Each

character will have different power, abilities, strength and weakness

Monster Rush is an endless game but no repetition.

The more you go, the more difficulty you are through.

Apparently, unlimited challenge for you, you will find Monster

Rush free game more interesting

Game was designed for players feel relax when

killing a lot of monsters, you will get gems to revive

and collect experience to go farther

How to play Monster Rush:

- Tap on the left to attack on the left

- Tap on the right to attack on the right


- Tap on flying Pumpkin to get the rocket help on fighting

- Pay attention on indexes, keep off running out of shot

- Add suitable abilities before fighting

- Upgrade as soon as possible to defend giant, speedy Monsters

Are you ready to face the Monster apocalypse? Get Monster Rush for free now

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